She never meant for the words to leak, but she was always messy with poetry.

1. Sometimes when I pass a mirror, I stop and look at myself. Not out of vanity, but admiration. It is astounding to me that I am here. A being with every opportunity to become whoever I want. Battle scars can be seen, but I am still here because I allowed myself to remember that I am worthy.

2. No matter what anyone tells you, remember that you are allowed to feel. Embrace everything.

3. Beauty is everywhere around you. You just have to be willing to look farther than its subjectivity.

4. Life will punch you hard. It will bruise your ego and break you down in ways that you never imagined possible, and that’s okay. What is more important is how you handle adversity.

5. “Fuck” might be the only word needed in certain situations.

6. Impulsive decisions can be the best or worst thing to happen and I suggest you be aware of that.

7. You are not invincible. You are human and you will break.

8. It is okay to be alone. You create some of the most beautiful things.

9. Sex is beautiful.

10. Self care is not selfish. You are allowed to remove toxic things and people from your life.

11. There is nothing wrong with you if you have never been kissed yet.

12. There are more adjectives to describe me than the word beautiful.

13. The only validation that is important is your own.

14. Your friends are your friends no matter the distance.

15. Allow yourself to fail.

16. Your self worth is not measured on a scale, by what magazines say or how others perceive you.

17. Remember to write everything.

18. This world will be cruel to you and you must not let it ruin your spirit.

19. Persevere despite the naysayers. I promise they will regret it.

— "Advice to the future: 19 things to tell my 19 year old self," n.a  (via sailingaugust)

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Once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself. Then pass this on to your ten favorite followers.
by dissolvingintochaos

(This was sent months ago. I’m such a dweeb and I space out sometimes and forget things.)

1. I have the tiniest freckle on my middle finger.
2. Sometimes I wear a band-aid on my index finger.
3. I went through a Tony Hawk phase and learned to skateboard. (I was actually pretty good.)
4. I am an early riser and I wake up anywhere from 5:30-6:30 a.m
5. Matilda was one of my favorite childhood books. 

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Girls from the Iraqi National school of Music and Ballet practicing outside, Baghdad 1975.

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Girls from the Iraqi National school of Music and Ballet practicing outside, Baghdad 1975.

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Well, this is what 19 looks like. I took myself on a date and bought my first ever Starbucks, well, anything and I spent the day writing. I hung out at the local supermarket looking at books and reading magazines. I came home and threw myself dance party. Isn’t this how most people celebrate the last of their teen years? I sure as hell don’t feel wiser than last year, but I am a bit more knowledgeable on what not to do. 

I am now 19 years young ready to take on a new year. Happy Birthday to me. Cheers! x

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“You’re laying underneath the sky. The stars are melting and they slowly drip onto unfamiliar life. One day you will meet a boy or a girl or someone who will set your body on fire. You will write poems about them. One of them will break your heart, but you have survived worse. One day you will explore the world like the great explorers before you. You will make discoveries and travel places some only dream of. If you ever need a reminder to keep breathing, to keep surviving, this is it.”

— "reminder", n.a

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