I try to swallow words. I never want to forget them.

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I just want to run far, far away.

“Aren’t we all in-betweeners? We live in the moment in between one point to the next. Never are we exactly where we want to be because it constantly changes, and we are constantly moving and growing older, and dying and regenerating all at once.”

— From my dear friend, Vina (via sailingaugust)

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Lately, I have been thinking a lot about my life. It is a such a frighting thought knowing that I now am free to do whatever I desire. It is also so freeing. Everyone is now venturing off to start their life after high school and I feel a bit dizzy. There is so much to do, but I don’t even know where to start. I have also been feeling more comfortable in my skin, but I know that someone is missing. No great romantic love, (Although that would be nice) but someone. Someone to share these kinds of thoughts with. The feeling of isolation is almost paralyzing. To feel as if no one can truly understand. All I want to really do is spill everything I have kept inside for so long. I know how to do that, but I feel as if the minute I try, people are quick to pull away. How do you continue to believe that someone is there to listen if what you have seen does not match? I know that I am valid, but it is sometimes difficult to believe that. 

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Hudson Bay wolves (Canis lupus hudsonicus) by J. A. Kok

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Hudson Bay wolves (Canis lupus hudsonicus) by J. A. Kok

Shane Koyczan - To This Day Project
One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard or seen

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1. I never told you this, but I think that I loved you. It was if I was able to put myself in-between gravity and you.

2. After I had my heartbroken, There were no symptoms. My body was battered and bruised. My mother was almost tempted to take me to the emergency room when she saw my heart leaking all over the carpets.

3. My therapist told me that I was an arsonist. I was on a mission to destroy myself from the inside out. She could see my lungs caving inwards, My skin slowly being torn.

4. I was forced not to come back to school until I was “stable.” I get it. I wasn’t liable. I was a threat to you and your school. You didn’t want to be a crime scene.

5. There was a time where I wanted to erase my existence. Although it wasn’t meant to be messy, I will spare you the details. I will always remember that day as my second chance.

— "Diary entries from a sixteen year old," n.a

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