She never meant for the words to leak, but she was always messy with poetry.

my father tells me to stop shouting
but at this rate i’ll end up hoarse
before i pipe down
because there are too many things
to yell about.

the fact that my own mother
tells me that the anatomy
she helped create,
the same anatomy she tells me
i should never be ashamed of
needs to be covered when i go out,
that a skirt too short
or a dress too revealing
makes me look indecent,
yet I know this wouldn’t be her
if she had a son.

my father tells me that i’m too loud
but he hasn’t yet figured out that
I inherited it from him,
that some traits were passed down
to his daughters
even though he wanted to see them
in sons.
had a been a boy, he would’ve told me
to shout louder,
the the world wants to hear
what a man has to say.

I’ll keep shouting until someone listens,
until i wake up god from a peaceful
night’s sleep.
he created all men equally,
where do i fit in?

j.r (via flths)

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It upsets me. That my poems feel so empty but beautiful because of the way I've tried to decorate empty words, how do I stop trying to do that? How do I focus more on the context? I can't really, because I feel like I've got nothing to write about.
by Anonymous

That’s very difficult to answer because I am not you. I have seen many poems that are just pretty and that’s it. There is nothing that makes your heart shake or envious. They are just arrangements of 26 letters. The minute I feel like it will just be another pretty piece, I don’t publish it and while I do write for myself, I want other people to really feel exactly how I feel.  I guess the best thing to do is to really pay attention. You have to stop saying you don’t have anything to write about because you do. Focus on the smallest and most intimate details. Take your blinders off. Find things that interest you. Things that you fear. Read about something unknown and write about it.  

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its not easy, most of the time i feel like i havent really got anything to write about, ive never been in love and had my heart broken, ive never had someone close to me die, i'm not lonely, what do i do, when ive got so much that i cant put into words because its everything and nothing all at once?
by Anonymous

Well, neither I have I. I have never been in love, I haven’t had my heartbroken by someone I was in love with, no one close to be has passed away. The beautiful thing about writers is you don’t have had many of these experiences. You do get to live them through other people. You are a telescope, a window, a kaleidoscope. This is where you must pay attention to the finer details we all miss. Did you know that by sharing what you have with me, you are creating a character? You are writing. Just like that, you are writing and saying everything. 

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what if its hard to write what i feel, because its too compliacted
by Anonymous

Start there. Talk about its complications. Write through the kinks and rough edges. Slowly break down your own walls. Fitzgerald said, “Leave your heart on the page,” and do exactly that. No matter how complicated it may be, just write everything down. 

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How do you do it? Ive lost the right to call myself a poet, I'm trying to write about emotions so brutal but I'm trying to make it sound beautiful. help, i'm choking
by Anonymous

I wish I had the answers. I haven’t been a poet for a while, but I am still as writer, as are you. Never mind beauty. To hell with it—not everything has to be beautiful. Just write exactly what is going through your mind. Never mind grammar or punctuation. Just write all of the pain exactly how you feel it. 

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On 14 July of this year, I wrote a letter to a boy who really hurt me. This evening I received a response from him. He apologized. It seems that he has changed for the better.This was a good way to end August, which has been everything but kind. 

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